A.J. and Tara are an Indie-Pop duo hailing from Los Angeles, California. They hit the ground running in the music industry after the group solidified their sound and began performing at music events throughout the city and beyond.

They have organically garnered an insatiable fan base and online presence of dozens of thousands of highly engaged social media followers across Twitter and Instagram. That success has helped propel them into being featured worldwide on radio, blogs, and other press.

The group expanded their horizons by attending Berklee College of Music, and are known for being seen and heard on Gillette commercials, as well as a commercial for “Across The Universe”, a movie based off the songs of The Beatles.

A.J. and Tara showcase a dynamic, engaging, and entertaining live performance. They always create an adventure for the audience every time they grace the stage.


  • John Bisset says:

    Came across their music after they followed me on Twitter; so glad they did! I love the quality of their voices and especially their original song “Believing” I look forward to hearing what else they produce.

  • Apometron says:

    Great! =D Beatles rules forever. I have their musics in FLAC format, would you download it if I upload it?

    I have much music of good quality.

    Maybe you can do covers of these groups. =)

    It would be great. =D

    By memory I remember the music MY Way, very cool music sung by Frank Sinatra.

    I need check my musics to give others suggestions.

    Take a look here, AJ:


    You can take any music of my collection and advice me you have a video on YouTube singing the music you get by way of my last.fm! =D

    Please advise about any last.fm channel you have there. =)

    Rodrigo Cesar Bagnara
    AKA Apometron

    • A.J. and Tara says:

      thanks! sure, email it all to us 🙂 will consider covers soon, will keep u, the email list, and social media posted about it all.
      thanks for the link! ours is youtube.com/AJandTara, but we dont have lastfm.com.

      A.J. and Tara

  • Iniobong says:

    WoW!! this is outstanding!! I love your musics so much!! especially “Live the Life”. Hope to listen to more. Keep it up and I wish you both all the best.

  • Comfortably Numb (Jesse R.) says:

    A.J. and Tara are a great duo to listen to! They sound great together and their songs are very upbeat and catchy as ever! I love how they like to have insight of their fans! How they like to know about us, the listeners! I am really happy I took the time to listen to their music! Keep it up guys! Your music and fan base will only get bigger from here on!

    • A.J. and Tara says:

      Awe Thanks! we are very thankful for you and glad you enjoy everything:) We’ll all stay in touch, have a great week!

  • After getting a follow request from Tara on twitter she mailed me a link to her exclusive digital download pack and only three words can describe her and AJ’s music, which are AMAZING, STUNNING and FANTASTIC.

    I am just sorry that I did not come across them sooner!

    Such a shame that I am based in Scotland and I won’t get a chance to see them live but one day!

    • A.J. and Tara says:

      so awesome, thanks a TON for the fantastic kind words 🙂 No need to be sorry, we will all stay in touch! We hope to one day perform in Scotland one day, have a great week!

  • Live the life is on my daily playlist now. Man, it’s uplifting.

  • Goranko says:

    I found you on qwerby.com. I like your music

  • They followed me on Twitter and I found their story endearing, great to have them as friends and will buy their album when I get it here.

    Music is awesome too, though what really impressed me is their lifestyle.

  • Raj Kumar says:

    that’s Great, here i got the best ideas to live a peaceful life.

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