Fan Quotes

ralph f:

You have feel good sound and style of music. POP/Easy Listening comes to mind. I need a convertible and a highway right about now. Great sound!


philip q:

The recording sounds crisp and clear, the song is inspiring.  I love the message: as long as you’re alive there is still a chance to make your dreams come true adn be a champion!!!  Beautiful singing and playing guys.


christina c:

really love the songs and lyrics, what an amazing and unique voice you have Tara, complimented by You A J, with your lovely soft gentle sound. In a different kind of way you two remind me of Sonny and Cher and how well they complimented each other. You two are really talented, I could listen to you all day.



You guys have huge potential don’t let no one change your style no matter how many dollars they show



Wow! Just listened to some of your songs and I’m loving them! Can’t wait until your in the top charts and on the radio! Can’t decide a favorite song tho



That was really,really an amazin story.

I don’t know what to say now?

I got many motivations from some of the parts of your stories.

I feel more comfortable on doing my own music career tho i’m not

perfect enough in playing instruments but i am trying as much as i


You guys are really awesome. You guys inspired me a lot and help me a


Now i can move on with my dream further  doing  music.

Thank you so much.

I love you guys.

You guys are really amazing uhh its more than that. . More than amazin.



believing is a Fantastic song – it really reaches the parts that matter – to like it is simply not enough – just LOVE it!


stevy m:

his song is my favourite and I love it so much ??thanks bro for the song,both of you is really AWESOME



Hi guys! Loved your music…..!!! I totally live “California”…. I played it over and over…. you kids are great!!!❤️



You are the future of music,AJ and Tara I believe in you I will always support you Have a great night!!!


minh n-

Wish you will be famous all over the world



thank you guys, you are really amazing, just like your music



Hi! I love all of the songs, but I think my favorite is Believing


Mike M:

Great music find. Very special blend.

Clear, crisp voice. Nice to listen to.


sezji d:

Thank you the music is fantastic you have a new fan it’s mee  Good music makes me happy u make my day?



Thank you for sharing with me your stories and music. I love your music and am thankful for musicians who want to get to know their fans.

Peace and love




Thanks for sharing, your awesome songs.well, my favorite is live the life and I do have a Facebook account. Sorry, I’m not so good in writing forgive me and keep singing

Love you guys


izzy i:

I absolutely love your music, would you like to be featured on my blog as artist of the month



i loved it you make awesome music one day your songs will be on top of the billboards. thank you



“Live the life” is currently stuck in my head ? lol, thanks for letting me know about your music, I really enjoyed it!



Love your sound! Can’t wait to hear more!



Thank you..A.J……I listened to songs, there’s a future hits … good luck !!



you guys have a gift given from gods


murwad s:

Hi AJ and Tara thanks for accepting me to the group you asked for my opinion on your music well I listened to your songs and Rock the Night and Believing are WOW ? you guys blew my head sky high and I hope you guys make more songs like it.


scotty a:

@AJandTara Have a great weekend,AJ and Tara You are the future of music I will always support you Take Care!!!


genesis a:

i love all the songs


colorado phil radio host:

I really love the acoustic California. I mean really love it. Your voice reminds me of The Rankin family off the east coast of Canada. You probably don’t know them. But awesome music guys!



omg your music is so good!


beautiful voices, love it

-patti d


Beautifull vocals and melody chords ^^ definitly add this track into the upcomming video 😉

vytautas u


Thank you! “Live the Life” is my favorite song. Love & Peace Roman


roman o:

Live teh Live is great!


raspberry c:

Hi it’s Rasbery, i really enjoyed ur song and my favourite tracks are: Rock the night and Believe. Pliz do send more of ur songs and pictures. I wish to communicate with even. Am from Zambia, Africa and do consider me as one of ur fans


Chris Wright

My niece is over and when I turned it on she thought it was the lady from frozen…lol…very soothing and nice melodies enjoyed very much thank you


*dj vyt4s:

Well just now downloading all of your tracks, california release sounds really like those tracks in the end of summer <3 Love the vibe, vocals are so sweet & with the guitar chords they sounds deeply touching heart. 😉


Live the life release sounds like startup of summer near the beach and bonfire <3 or like with barbecue love the whistling sound, drums are so clear and electro guitar makes huge influence, love your style & i suggest to make an album for upcomming summer that would be so amazing <3


Now Rock the Night reminds me of 2002-2006 summer times when there was no pressure all about just being young and enjoy the life 🙂 Vocals sounds clear and impressive, well ussage of the claps ( sounds like recorded real hand clap sample) Drums are well placed, piano key finds perfect part between all instrumentals, also it reminds me of some movies about college life 🙂 Love this track so much, made me remember a lot memories 🙂


Believing release sounds like inspirational love story right from the start 🙂 Love the piano melody influence, Bass in the first notes makes huge impact, vocals sounds really profound, hithats & claps makes smooth transit between beats, beautifull love story, even i remembered my first love in late 2013 🙂


Huge thumbs up from me, thiese 4 releases are really beautifull & inspiring to simply enjoy life enjoy emotions and be your true self <3 I would love to hear from you in future releases <3 Keep doing what you love, never stop and inspire a lot of youngsters to reach their dreams. In My opinion if you can reach even one person you are big inspiring artist & if you get emails like this it is huge achievement, Keep making music <3 i love it <3


With A LOT Respect, Vyt4s.



Hey A.J./Tara, the songs kick ass! The acoustic version of California was my favorite track, very cool guitar work. 🙂


So I listened to your new song “Champion” and can I just say, that you guys never seem to disappoint, you guys are just awesome song writers. Never stop doing what you’re doing guys. Keep up the great work, song has been on repeat ever since! Much love.




Pretty good overall. My favorite is probably California because of the catchy beat. I’m reminded of Hayley Mills from Paramore when I hear your voice. Nice work on all four of them.


Rafael Valdizan

Sounds great


Bob banerzy

I liked the California unplugged very much


raelin v:

finally got a chance to listen to believing!

it’s great!



great songs! sound wonderful! we in Russia often hear this kind of music. but your work surprised me. full of sounds and cheerfully! Don’t stop, you are cool 🙂


rochelle p:

My email is acting up it won’t let me send you my long email I sent back to you. In a shortened version. Your life story was amazing. Wow God bless you. You are always in my prayers. Always. I’m so sorry you couldn’t get my long email I sent back to you. You are an inspiration to me. God bless you. I will keep you in my prayers. Please stay strong my friend.

That was an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing. I couldn’t imagine the pain you must have gone through. Oh my. I just don’t even have the words to explain how I feel for your pain. I am so so so sorry for all that you’ve gone through. You are so strong. Please keep sharing. I will support your page absolutely. I’m so glad that you would share with me. I’m getting ready to go to New York to help my father right now,or I would make this longer. I promise you that I will keep you in my prayers always. God bless you. God will keep you strong. I believe in you. I’m so sorry for the late response. My email has been giving issues lately. I had to delete emails. Ohhhhh myyyyy. I am going to pray for you. You are so strong my friend


francis k:

believing is great!


brent h:

Hi Both. I like the song. Thank you for sending it me.


js lopez:

That is so amazing! Loved the story!


elena r:

thank you A. J. and Tara! Really you awesome people


Dwayne o:

cool i like this


siraj a:

thank you.


julia d:

I love your songs! Hello from Canada:)


Mac 9:

I like believing, your music is great



The bundle is cool

And the music is great



Great songs! California is my favorite!



Believing is the best for me. Something similar to Katy Perry. Very good. I liked it. Thank you.)


mark m:

You guys are amazing!!!


matteo m:

beautiful ?


emma e:

I listened to some if of your songs your voices go really well together and you both have lovely voices ?

No problem you guys are great

i would like to see you guys live

OMG well if your ever in Scotland and have a gig I’ll try and check it you guys out

It’s not even a day but I’m already obsessed with this duo @AJandTara they are sooo talented ???



nice music! Wow, you have talent! I hope you are successful in your career, which I do not doubt that will happen!


Word play baby-

I absolutely love everything!


benjamin m:

nice track!


david r:

Love this song ? great work to the both of you and thanks for sharing ?



Thank you so much…


mark n:

@AJandTara should be famous tbh. They’re pretty good!


Ta’Rikah – symphonic distrubtion:

Hey there!

Thanks so much for sending that over! I will share it with the team here at Symphonic and thanks so much for being clients of ours.


norma l:

I listened to the interview, luv it and good luck maybe the start of ur success good luck, u both deserve to be on top can’t wait



Hi AJ and Tara i’m just finish watching(seeing) your song on youtube, sorry for Dropbox whitch want me To suscribe.

Just to say you that your song “believing” is great and Event my girlfriend love it.

You singing like à star, realy.

I hope a lot of succes for you and two.


Lord florio –

@AJandTara I liked that one… believe, right?


victoraia a:

thanks so much for the music


Neil S.

It’s pretty good! You both could probably sell some music to TV or movies or something in that area quite easily I would think.





Friendship bracelet:

I listened your music and I really enjoyed. My favourite is Live the Life.


stacy p:

I follow you on Facebook and twitter. I love you 2. Such a fascinating story


busking bub:

@WinemakerFilm @AJandTara

The song sounds like it should be on a Disney film lol

Very nice work ?


norma l:

Luv it as always u both take care and god bless u both luv u both


haydn c:

Hi, it’s beautiful. I made sure I shared it. You both have got great talent! I mean that.


shannony Y:

Hey aj and Tara how’s the music? ? you know I love that raw acoustic sound! Hope your having fun on this journey your on



Fantastic song!!! As I’m listening to it, the song is conjuring up images of gymnasts and ice skaters. Your song would fit perfectly as a complimentary piece during the

Olympics. Next up, the Winter Games in 2018 and the Summer Games in 2020, both on NBC. I really liked it and have already listened to it twice.



It’s an uplifting song guys,  I love the message,, the message is great



Wow both great voices great tune love it


larry l.:

Nice Work guys!


lightbulb head:  Amazing! the vocals are incredibly powerful!!!



this is madddd dope, I just listened to this a bunch of times, it’s like an ever increasing good vibes wave. You guys have great talent for this genre!


mariana s:

Mariana Stevy

Tara I love to hear your voice?it’s nice song ???✌️️‼️

Mariana Stevy

I love this song so much??thank you A.J.andTara,this is awesome✌️️

Mariana Stevy

Awesome and I love it ?


Hey, wow I hear some of the music you made pretty good!

-anaya o


Miera k:

Hi A.J. and Tara… a wonderful day to you guys!

I have listened to your songs and all I can say is that you guys are amazing, you have perfect combination, unique style and originality with your music. I like your songs and my favorites are:

• Believing

• Live the life

You have a wonderful stories as well. Thank you for sharing and for giving me the opportunity to be part of your wonderful world of music. Keep making and singing beautiful songs. ????

God bless you more. ?


asharif b:

My favorite song among your songs is believing.what I have to say about it is that its so nice with good rythem I like it so much I just can’t stop to listen it.but I would like to watch its video if you have it send it for me via email.thanks Aj and Tara..

Have since a day…


david p:

Dude… you guys have good stuff. Pop, rock, and something else i can’t describe, but its awesome!

I like “Believing”, but they are all good and different which is even better


 i appreciate working/collaborating with you guys over the course of time. Also that of which from the recent Radio request again I appreciate connecting ;D Thus, I have indeed DJ’d your Top 3 tracks from out of the music you sent me. One of them being, “Believing” & “Live the Life”. . Now, Im not sure if you guys have tuned in during the show at the time but if you’d like i can send you the recorded episode if need be.. Just let me know whenever and even reply to this email for your thoughts. Other than that, for future reference here’s my direct radio link – for direct tune in & check in . . Much love sincerely; DjWhizPk



Hi there, we have recently checked out your tracks and believe that live the life and believing are the two best tracks that you have submitted .  We really like the filter these two tracks and would like to include them in the next pre-recorded radio show that we run every week



Most definitely Can’t wait to hear more of your music


sam m:

u are both good people doing good music



fan art

-miranda d.


I listened to all the songs, liked believing the best! Thanks

-Gail l


I Enjoy All Kinds Of Music ! It’s Nice To Meet You, You’ev Got A Good Thing Going ! I’m A Fan !

John c


-By request up on @PrtyCentrlRadio in @DJ_LolaBunny show @AJandTara “California” & “Believing”


showcase those songs on my radio show

Parker A. Lewis (DjWhizPk) Pro Music-Man Dj* On the prow through my Passionatepursuit for the music movement: DJ|Music Producer|S.E – of E.L.U.P; for all genres

Time zone; Eastern pacific.

Here’s the links to tune in and to tell whenever each show is In lineup as well as connect further to learn more of me, my career, my skills & experience, etc; – – –

^^^ Webpage


Black pease Fm:

Hey, Rufus here. I listened to your music, it’s awesome!

The voices are perfect, the percussion sounds a bit like Hip-Hop, but not that hard, which is perfect too and the melodies are cool and… partly brilliant.


Especially the beginnings of “Rock the Night” and “California” are fantastic! The 1st one sounds a bit like… Rock and Hip-Hop (perfect mixed) and the 2nd one like… a soundtrack of a love movie.


A “main song” for a love movie or something like this would be cool! With violins at the beginning and… yeah… y’know. Guitar and so on.


Videos and photos are cool! Not perfect or professional, but it’s good to see, that the music is made by normal humans.


Nothing to complain about, go on and keep ya heads ringin’!



Thank you for following me. I have listened to you music, and very much enjoy it. Keep going strong. Have a great year.

-Ron I.


This group is great, the song is special, and has a very strong message. Believing is only half the battle. These artist can sing.

-A&R sundays on fb


really enjoyed all your songs hard to say I loved one more than another I found with all the music I could just put my headphones on and sit back and listen thank you for sharing



Richie h-

Thanks for the fun catchy songs!


green hitz-



Phillip q-

i love your hook laden tracks!


Dj gummy bear, otto, and

In rotation radio airplay

Dj gummy bear & others Dj’s too

My normal shows are Tuedays 8am to 11am eastern and Thursdays 2pm to 6pm eastern. Will tweet out when i play your songs if my listeners are keeping me too busy

just a follow up on the songs you sent me. They have been converted to mp3, tagged the way our license requires, and gained to broadcast needs, oh and shared out to all our DJs so should be going into their rotations and getting added to our otto dj in the next couple days

our DJs have already been thanking me for share such a nice sound and one has already been to your website

and Believing has already been on air \]

yes our station owner got your music into otto as soon as she gave it a listen

The songs supplied I would compare to early Fleetwood Mac through ABBA to maybe LMFO there is such a range to the awesome songs

With the songs your provided you bridge the Pop-Rock gap with a bit of each in your songs which should give you a wide audience appeal


Carlos c-

When I listen to your music, I think “Disney Pop for Grownups”


Tracey u-

I think your voice reminds me of Alanis Morissette, Tara. You sound unique. I really can’t place another artist I can say you are similar to. But that is a good thing! I think you are wonderful!


thank you Tara and tell A.J. One of your fans said hi

-Chloe r


A.J. thanks for your message. Listening now, nice clean sound!

-David & Dana h


Alan h-

Taylor Swift meets blink? That’s interesting! ?


your music is good I like it

-asharif b.


Ron y- … ur music i feel lke its very commercial.. i can see it placed in ads and stuff.. like LIVE THE LIFE… like going out camping or something. idk.. its like summer /spring break pop you would hear played or something..


rock the night was so good.!



Thank you



I’ve listened to believing, I loved it so much



Tara’s voice was picking up with AJ than I starting feeling the song & the meaning behind it. Thanks for sharing it with me!



Billy d-

Hey A.J. and Tara! This is just an update on the songs you sent me. They’re very beautiful. They’re very uplifting. They lift my spirits quite a bit. My favorite would have to be ‘Believing’ because it describes me so well. I just turned 28 a little more than a week ago. I have a degree in forensic science, and I’m still trying to find a use for it. I still don’t quite know what life has in store for me. This song reminds me not to give up on any of my dreams, but to keep pressing on. Thank you, and I hope this finds you two well.


Peter g:

Wow, that was inspiring! Thanks man!


Tara-“I’m so happy to hear that our music helped you get through hard times. That’s all we want in life.”


your music gave me all those sleepless nights of filling out papers, and cashing in our entire life savings kept me alive, well, balanced, and most of all the ability to love me again without shame.

“You played for me when I had no words, and drowned in sorrow of Ryan, when I had no strength to look at the stars your songs took Ike every night to the stars at a whole new level in life. When an angels wing was bowed to cover me and him it was Ryan and your music gave us the ability to be okay now. So keep playing keep giving and for gosh sakes you are now connected to not only an Angel Ryan Elmer Carman a little boy took way way way to soon and it not only murdered him but killed us as well with love. So your passion and love of composure composed love again of souls connected as one! xoxoxoxo p.s. if my playlist goes down you are on speed dial as number 1 not 911 but 1 xoxoxo loves to you all 2017 and your music.”


Hey A.J & Tara,

Thank you for your wishes and your superb free songs. I wish you a very beautiful year 2017 and the realization of your most cherished wished.




dj gotitall-



Rajat- love your music


AJ, Tara,

It’s me Tom Smith from the Schwilly Fam. You two are such an inspiration, both musically and as musicpreneurs.

If I get anywhere close to your level of engagement with fans I might just get somewhere this decade!

This past year included a number of great big awesome things for me and my family. Owning a house free and clear is just one of them. But I’ve also gained musically and technologically as well as all the benefits of following Carlos’ strategies.

Here’s to next year!

Peace, Love, Music!



major: Thanks! You have a good modern sound. Downloaded the bundle and subscribed to the FB page. Keep up the good work.


OMG let me tell you that you guys are AMAZING! my favorite songs are “Believing” and “Live the Life”. That was really good! Keep up the great work guys!

– Danny 🙂



Thanks. Very nice – liked Believing the best.


Brynna –

I love your music you guys are awesome and you are now my favorite people to listen to


Tweak f-

I like music that knows what it is, 🙂 (you asked)!.. 🙂 You are good..,better than good 🙂 Imho,needs to be more raw,but,dont do it if you think you can,do it because you have doubts..”aj=rock acoustic nylon(put your twist on it),Tara=Raw ,More uncertainty in voice, let it crackle (doesnt need 2b loud”….or jus keep doin what ya doin:)



I listened to your work, yes, thanks for your offering to us. I enjoyed it very much


Kari u-

You are my best friend .


Joe e-

@AJandTara Just rocked out with it y’all trust everybody herd me singing it out looooooouuuuuddd!!!! Much love Yeeeeeee from over the GVine


Gage k-



Ron y- your music is positive and uplifting and Kinda has the don’t give up u can do it vibe… Which isn’t bad. I do hear more pop than punk…. I think its Tara’s voice that portrays that… Theatrical classically trained annunciation of words


peter aywa-

Good morning guys you are just an awesome singers and I like listening to your songs everyday in the

internet… Your songs touch my Congrats 4 your team work…. Keep it up and may God bless you


Aj and carol-

You both are doing a great job. God has blessed you.



you and your wife Tara are beautiful people…wish you all the best God has too offer ….much love and many blessings….RichE


Lance j- Aww that’s wonderful and thank you


Dg2- WOW that music was great I loved it


Tracey u-

Hi, AJ and Tara

I read today, both of your Emails. I found your experiences inspiring, and amazing. You are both very lucky people

BTW, I had no trouble downloading your songs and I have listened to then and I really like them!



Thanks for sharing that with me



Hey A.J. and Tara your music is really good I enjoyed listening to it I’ll let my friends about you guys.


meina uq-

“believing” is awesome!! sounds like disney movies ost.

Wow!! love the song, it’s great! easy.. and love the guitar. don’t you guys do cover on youtube? it would make you gain more followers and fans ^^. i am sorry i can’t leave comment on dropbox cause i don’t have an account there.


Dear Tara and A.J

I just wanna tell you what i feel after i read your email. I am not English.. so, I am sorry if i don’t speak english well. No pain no gain, well.. you already through many hard times in your life, i believe there are many more which you didn’t tell me through this email. don’t you know? every success people have the same things like you. they called it Darkest Hour. so, there’ll be alot examination of life waiting us. stay strong. i believe you’ll reach your dream! you are blessed having family who always support you and so do i. I support you!! let’s meet one day in the door of success.

with love

Meina Annisa

Indonesian ?



I just got done reading your email and that sounds great music is better than just getting drunk and high. that\’s why when I\’m down I listen to the radio. I just got a new computer up that can handle face book thanks to your brother AJ so now I can go to more facebook web sites YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM ME



Hey Tara..what an amazing and inspiring backstory of yours.. .just keep on singing..i believe you’ll do great.


John l-

Just seen your email for your website/music career. ABSOLUTELY COOL! Loved hearing about Tara’s background, can’t wait to here about yours! (LOL!)

So happy to see you guys taking off!!!!


anthony jr-

I got your songs. Wish you all the best for your musical career. You are both great musicians. Gd bless you



Thanks for sharing that with me.


Devon –

Hey AJ. and Tara! Thanks for the emails! Both of your stories are amazing! ? I appreciate the downloads and look forward to more and talking more!


Elena r-

it’s great! thank you very much! I sometimes, just busy with work for musicians,advertising video clips . I hope all is well for you


shannon- love getting all the emails and info about you guys but I don’t have a fb so I won’t be able to join that journey?to much trouble keep rocking??


franco-I sent you on your facebook page one of my poems in Italian read it eseti go make a song aironevancofra (Franco Javarone)


running wolf-

I’m still planning to do a collaboration or two with you


Melany r-

Awesome story telling skills Tara! ?

Thanks for sharing ?❣


Hi, Tara

I loved hearing about your story. I am so glad you were able to find solace and love with A.J. Much luck and success with your career!

-Tracey u


Sylver- waiting to hear more


Hi…I already joined…and enjoyed your music!!- craig h


shannon- love getting all the emails and info about you guys but I don’t have a fb so I won’t be able to join that journey?to much trouble keep rocking??


Thanks you both for the Champion song!

Best regards,



You guys sound awesome

– Ayana b


Rose s- currently the music that’s been helping me be in the Xmas mood the last couple days, it’s been hard for me to be in a good mood lately bc today is the anniversary of my brothers death

Their music has Def helped me out the last few weeks; everyone on my friends list should check them out <3


Hey guys yes I liked them all but really felt connected to believing! It’s truly a unique sound??

-shannon y.


What a pleasant surprise!

-carlos c


All of you music is so powerful I love it

-lance j


I can completely relate and realized that life’s about making memories worth remembering and I can’t let fear hold me back xoxoxo Stay blessed



Thanks, you guys!

Awesome digital bundle! So much with the givink, already!!



Hassan T: thanks so much,it great you guy are really great ,i dont even know

what to say,but just thank you guys,please send me more emails like

this one,thanks,my Name Is Hassan Troy,am From Uganda and i live in

Kampala,am a student at YMCA INSTITUTION,in kampala,thanks,any thing

you want to know,you free to ask.


Kris a- I have many fav band and artists. Now, AJ and Tara are added


Britney m: You guys are my inspiration lately


Robert T. – a.j. And Tara are my favorite nice to meet u come to Pittsburgh please love all your music


Carol: We really like believing!!!?

Love the chours.


Accepted ministries:

Love believing!!!

Tara your voice is so pretty.

God has blessed you

Believing is a great song. We need inspiration in this world


Kelly p- Okay cute adorable couple I’ve signed up and twitted!! Love ya!


Thank you for taking the time to see us and add us to your Facebook Friends List !!!

… Have as many successes as your heart desires !!!



Joe x:

1Rock the night,2Califorina,3live the lif,4Beliveing, I see “live the life” for me it’s like a club hit like disco techno , and I kind of see that’s wat y’all did to it have u guys tried to show a club dj that jam??


Prestbury: I have listened to your Music and I must say I am impressed. Haven’t really got a favourite as it is not My kind of Music.

But will have another listen.


Lance j: Thank you so much for all your songs I love that music A J and Tara that music was amazing


best official review :


Tracey u: Hi, AJ and Tara

I feel I connected the most with Believing! I love your voice Tara. Thank you for letting me hear your songs.

I hope you also have a great week and I look forward to learning more about you both as well.


Sylver: @AJandTara yoooo!!! #Believing is amazing that dynamic y’all have in your performance is just wow, I’m a fan

I absolutely love “believing” this song is incredible, you guys complement eachother so well, I fucking love it.


Masa: I love “California “!

Thank you for making me feel happy and good


Joe X:

Hey u guys I just I herd believing it’s freakin Awsome, y’all had my head bobbing kool, but the four songs I couldn’t hear I restarted my I tune pass word but I u can send them in the soundcloud I could like the link for Believing, that will be Great



Thanks a lot superstars <3 🙂


Dont say me thanks Superstars coz i have to say you thanks coz you gave me opportunity to make a video for you <3 <3 🙂 🙂


Phil v- Hi A.J. and Tara,

Thanks for writing; I appreciated the opportunity to listen to your music. While I enjoyed all four, I thought Believing spoke to me the most. I liked the upbeat lyrics and melody but also enjoyed the interchanging of the voices. Also the voicing was quite unique in a good way. Last week was stressful to say the least so a positive message was appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Best regards


Eddie m:

Keep up the good work and will be exposing you all! You both deserve to be heard!


Renee DJT1:

I thought your songs were very inspiring and uplifting. They are great to listen to if you’re feeling down.

Thanks so much!!!



Al P: I really like all your songs and your music is a refreshing change – especially Believing. The music and lyrics are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing your talents and musical messages.


Lance j: You guys are the best music ever

You’re welcome you guys are amazing???


Michael n:

Hey guys!

Funny you sent through Believing because that’s my favourite of the four you sent! California’s cool too!


Linda c:

I really enjoyed your music. I especially

liked Believing. Great job. I was very impressed! Love you, Linda


Tracey j a: @AJandTara -you are welcome, your sound is unique and good. A cross between Alanna’s Morissette and Dolores O’Riordan.


Amber r:

i just heard believing and its superb …wow

I will save them in my phone and hear them as i walk on the roads .Your voices are like beautiful bird songs

Just hearing your beautiful voices made my day 😀


I really like all your songs and your music is a refreshing change – especially Believing. The music and lyrics are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing your talents and musical messages. – Al Parker


mike f: Great Music Guys!   I hope you achieve the fame you wish for through your music!   Cheers –  Mike.


Brian r.-I liked Believing, and Rock The Night, but they are all good. Keep up the great work!!


Official : chatsong (Roy) #NewMusicMonday spotlight by @AJandTara very cool #Top40 #popmusic mixed with #edm check it out read share comment


Running wolf:

really couldn’t pick a favorite, because they’re all good!!!


Richard k, best selling author- They are all good.. Believing is great.


Masa- I think your music gives me cheers and happiness!

Some music are nice of low beats


Aron h.-Flash hits radio:

I have just had a listen to some of your songs and they are truly amazing, I often listen to albums and on most occasions don’t like all the songs but with the music you provided on the link I can honestly say I love all of them and would love to air your tracks on Flash Hits Radio.


Ingrid A: wow beautiful omg i need to see u guys live soon – believing


Lee b: Just keep doing what you guys are doing and that’s making people feel good through your music amazing job Thank you both very much 🙂

You are very welcome thank you both take care and God bless you both and all the very best for your futures I’m sure you will both have an amazing career and amazing time making the big time ?


Jayy b: I listened your music … Its good but not my style really but your music is wonderful..


Shelby c: love you guys so much!!!


Fred b: The most Awesome couple in the whole wide world.


Sue O.-

HI just wanted to say thank you for the samplers, I enjoyed listening to them this afternoon. My favourite was Live the Life. You seem to have quite a diverse range of music type?

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck. We are not in the same field but I know as well as anyone how hard it is to get someone to sit up and take notice of you, so sending you lots of positive vibes and wishes for your success.




coz i am in love with your song




Crew records:

“Believing” and “Live the Life” are two stand out songs.

Thank you. I appreciate it. Yeah, I like the combination of you two on a track. It has a good sound. I enjoyed it a lot


Barb B:

Tara and you have a nice voices. Believing was a cute song, California song was a lively tune and so was Live the Life. Rock the Night is is an interesting song.


Kyle r.:

Ajt genre and FFO:

I think your wife she has like combo kelly clarkson voice with rythem of kati pary and tones of taylor swift really best of all worlds ! And your brother i would say deff adam levine tone with like a voice alot like timberlake homestly brother very impressed!

Deff get blink 182 in there

And id say genere pop punk newage lol idk its something fresh and real i can totally vibe on but idk genre to call

Its got classics tones i vibe with like old school blink and taylor swift

pop rock,

Some songs: dance pop

Best fit: is pop rock

Ac: indie alternative


emmet n., rn- Hey A.J. & Tara,i enjoyed your song,vocals and arrangements,i have quite a few favorites in jazz,pop,r&b,blues and latin,i just love good music,much success,Emmett***


sara h: Excellent A.J.and Tara. Thank you I really enjoyed listening to your music (from the UK)


“Already in love with this song. <3”

-nick w


“about your song Believe…I really liked it …I just believe that songs like that and strong words as “Believe” should be used in current situation and events that we are living with today….thanks for everything…blessings unto you and yours”

– richie w


stephen w, souncloud: “It’d be good to hear this song (“believing”) on the radio.”


antonio jr, brazil: “I thank you so much for your frindship.” “Really great song, very speial. Everything is perfect. Wish you all the best for your musical career. From Brazil, Amazon Forest. Be very welcome”


bat girl yt: This was so great!!!!!???


garret p: Sounds great guys. Has a similar sound to Grouplove, at least to me. Can’t wait to hear more.


Franco iavarone: “bravo, great music and lyrics”


I like “Believing”, a lot. It’s the kind of song you should be able to hear on pop radio, but unfortunately, hear too little of on pop radio these days. Lyrics and melody both strong.

-Steven W


We enjoyed your good strong vocal performances on your tracks.

Tony, Dom & Klint – TPK ♕♕♕


Alexandra g:

Tara sounds like Katy Perry

I like them all you guys are really good


Listened to the 4 songs. Love it. Could listen to this all day. Here is my list from favorite to least favorite( don’t want to say worst, because that is not the case. I like them all.) Fav is Rock The Night, then Believing, California and Live The Life. Tara, love the voice, clear and crisp. Refreshing. AJ, you are a nice change of pace. The two of you work well together. Any albums?”

-Keith griffie


Kyle Ritterhouse too. Fb pm

“I think your wife she has like combo kelly clarkson voice with rythem of kati pary and tones of taylor swift really best of all worlds ! And your brother i would say deff adam levine tone with like a voice alot like timberlake homestly brother very impressed!

Deff get blink 182 in there

And id say genere pop punk newage lol idk its something fresh and real i can totally vibe on but idk genre to call

Its got classics tones i vibe with like old school blink and taylor swift

Best is Pop rock, some songs dance pop

Ac = indie alternative “


Jaime c:

Omg! A.J. Lauer I love it!!! So not at all what I would expect but seriously I love how upbeat and fun the songs are! Such a refreshing lighthearted change from what you hear now a days! Your music made me feel young and carefree! The melodies are totally reminiscent of the fun 90’s pop! I LOVE it! I really do! So happy for you both!


Karla k:

Dig the crap out of it. *official review*

Like John and Yoko or Sonny and Cher or pizza and milk – perf’ing fection

Go for it. ?? two very enthusiastic thumbs up

*”if rainbow popcorn and a dry martini had a baby, this would be it.”


Richard s-



Hashi: Live the life has a beautiful melody during the hook


Bobby S-

I’ve listened to Rock the night, believing, live the life, and California. I think, believing and live the life, should be sent to Disney for a soundtrack. Cali needed a verse from AJ at the end. Keep up the hard work. Positive music that I can listen to with my daughter.


Nick w:

I reside in Tennessee. If you are ever in the area, let me know. I would love ot come to a show or just hang out & chat about music. “I love what I am hearing so far. You guys will be HUGE one day! <3 xoxo :)”

That’s amazing & very inspiring.


Larry f- Who knows your help may be the thing that literally could a matter of life or death. Attitude of gratitude!


-Amanda c:

Sonny and Cher

Donny and Marie

There’s even Kid Rock&Cheryl Crowe,2 more of my most favorites, they’re a little Rock and And Pop music, combined with Country

Those singers are too and so are y’all unique with you’re unique style of fashion and music and your songs.


Arthur t-Your switching between party kind of songs and serious lyric content was simply marvelous


Nick w:

It’s kind of like a breath of fresh air.  I guess if I had to pick another artist, I’d say it gives me Natasha Bedingfield or Sara Bareilles vibes.  It has a very California sound, which I dig very much! 🙂


Fresh d:

I really liked all of the songs.

But my favorite 2 songs are California and Rock The Night.

I can relate to both of them because I definitely went on a journey to get California and Rock The Night is exactly what I do.


Brian w:

wow guys. im so impressed.

those are some catchy ass songs. both can sing! and most importantly they have such a happy vibe.

dont stop believing my friends! i hope somebody picks those songs up. i can hear them in so many soundtracks. its very inspiring. thanks for thinking of sharing with me. really liked “california” just cause i remember it was your goal/dream to get there back at phs.

keep in touch




Eric l- Thanks guys!! I’m listening now. And “she doesn’t even know” will always be a favorite of mine. The production of these new songs is amazing. I’ll let you know my favorite once I’m done. Keep up the great work guys!!”


-lewis a:

Believe was great! I really liked the paino and the lyrics


shelby c-

You guys need to know I start my day listening to you on repeat over and over rocking my mind out and expanding it.   I will offer this on my today for everyone to love.

Let’s Skype or FaceTime soon!!


Ammad k:

Oh great superb rockstar band

You are rockstar

You are pop star