Andrea Caccese – “Behind every great artist, there is a great vision. A.J. and Tara, a project based in Los Angeles, California, aren’t simply trying to entertain their audience with their catchy songs and memorable hooks. On the contrary, they’re trying to create a deep emotional connection, reaching out to listeners with an uplifting message of hope that is at the very core of their essence as a musical act. By blending genres as diverse as rock and pop, A.J. and Tara are able to cater to a diverse and wide fan base.”

Justin Brodsky – “A.J. and Tara are known for their dynamic, engaging, and entertaining live performances. They always create an adventure for the audience every time they grace the stage.”

S. McCauley – “The songs of A.J. and Tara are incredibly catchy, goodhearted, and fun to listen to, and showcase them as one of the most creative acts on Southern California’s Sunset Strip.”

Mondo Tunes – “An important characteristic of A.J. and Tara is their sharing of lead vocals. They exchange melody and harmony duties throughout the music, and the listener gets the impression of being serenaded by two musicians simultaneously, a very full and impressive experience.The delicacy of popular singer Kelly Clarkson resounds in the vibrato-filled intonations of Tara, whose crystal-clear voice balances with A.J.’s youthful singing extremely well, and in a way that is uniquely beautiful

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“I would compare to early Fleetwood Mac through ABBA to maybe LMFAO there is such a range to the awesome songs”
With the songs your provided you bridge the Pop-Rock gap with a bit of each in your songs which should give you a wide audience appeal

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